Who are Seventh-day Adventists? Brochure (50) (Spanish)

Who are Seventh-day Adventists? Brochure (50) (Spanish)

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This newly redesigned brochure helps people understand who Seventh-day Adventists are and what we believe. In six colorful panels, it defines Seventh-day Adventists identity and beliefs. It also offers a short history of Adventism, recent membership and outreach statistics, and information about Adventist education and community service. The brochure can serve as an evangelistic tool. It includes information about how we are preparing for Christ’s return and contains web addresses for and Discover Bible School. If you are looking for something to give to people who have never heard of the Adventist Church, or if you know someone who has expressed interest in the Church or is searching, this brochure will provide the answers they need. Sold in packages of 50. Available in English, Spanish, and French.

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