Revelation Reveals Jesus 2 Vol set

Revelation Reveals Jesus 2 Vol set

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With so many new ways of interpreting the Bible’s final book of Revelation emerging in recent years, Dr. Kenneth Mathews has invested ten years of intense research and writing to produce this significant new commentary, firmly rooted in the historicist school of interpreting Bible prophecy. Historicism has been generally accepted by end-time believers preaching from the book of Revelation until the last 30 years or so. Now, writers are beginning to incorporate idealist and eclectic interpretations into the book, resulting in confusion to the reader. We may actually be less certain on our understanding of Daniel and Revelation now than we were 30 years ago. This book makes an attempt to clarify Revelation from a true historicist perspective and isolate those eclectic interpretations that have encroached upon the text.

Among his goals in writing Revelation Reveals Jesus, Dr. Mathews desires to bring together, to each chapter and verse, the best of the best in resources. That includes the following:

  • The best insights of the original Bible languages
  • The best insights that emerge from comparing Scripture with Scripture
  • The best understandings of Revelation that come from its companion book of Daniel
  • The best comments from other Christian scholars on Revelation
  • The best comments from other Adventist Christian scholars on Revelation
  • The best comments from the most respected historians
  • The best observations to be drawn from comparing Revelation’s predictions with current events
  • The best health and medical insights a physician-author can offer
  • The best comments from the pen of Adventist founder-author Ellen White

Anyone who reads this commentary will note the sheer volume of its detail and information. But any reader will also be profoundly moved by its frequent spiritual challenges and motivated by the sense of urgency it conveys. Urgency, because the final events of Revelation are happening, not soon—but NOW. Urgency, because the One revealed in Revelation—the Dying and then Risen Lamb, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, our Friend and Saviour—is almost here! His return IS sure, and His interruption of our daily “business as usual” is certain!

You will, most assuredly, finish reading this commentary more determined than ever to make preparing for that Great Day your highest priority and to do all you can to be sure as many others as possible—especially those you love and care about—are also prepared to meet Jesus.

This book—just as the Bible book it explores—is ultimately about Jesus.

“Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”

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