Spence and Gustin -- Really Living

Spence and Gustin -- Really Living

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Really Living is a 60-minute television program hosted by Don C. Schneider, president of the North American Division, for the Hope Channel. In each episode, Schneider presents inspiring stories about the lives of people who know Jesus Christ and have experienced Really Living. This DVD contains two programs featuring Jamie and Jacque Spence and Pat Gustin.

Jamie and Jacque Spence – Bringing Healing to Remote Island People

Jamie and Jacque Spence spent seven years sailing around the tropical Pacific. During that time that they discovered the great need for medical care in the remote islands. Jamie and Jacque started Canvas Back, a medical mission that serves the people of the Marshall Islands. In this episode, learn about the miracles they have seen and the blessings they have received as a result of their work with Canvas Back. duration 50:47

Pat Gustin – Teaching Others to Share Christ

Pat Gustin has spent many years both in the mission field and teaching future missionaries. While working as a missionary, she often saw God’s presence and felt His leading. Pat’s experiences abroad helped her realize there are many ways to live a “normal” life. In this episode, Pat shares some of her experiences from Singapore and Thailand. duration 49:58

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