Social Studies Curriculum Guide K-8 2005 Edition

Social Studies Curriculum Guide K-8 2005 Edition

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The Social Studies Curriculum Guide outlines five thematically-based curriculum strands and their corresponding sets of essential learnings that identify what students should learn in the social studies program in grades 5-8.

  • History: Students will use a biblical perspective to analyze how the world has changed and developed over time. They will understand their connection to the past and how the world might be in the future.
  • Civics and Government: Students will understand the workings of their own and other political systems, the rights and responsibilities of citizens, and how to participate in their own governance.
  • Geography: Students will develop the ability to use spatial concepts and gain an understanding of the earth's physical and environmental changes over time due to natural resources and human causes.
  • Economics: Students will differentiate between needs and wants, explore economic decisions and the consequences of those decisions on groups, committees, their nation, and the global community.
  • Individuals, Society, and Culture: Through this study, students will develop an appreciation and acceptance of other's beliefs, values, and traditions, while gaining an understanding of their own identity.

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