Cactusville VBX Starter Kit - English

Cactusville VBX Starter Kit - English

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Welcome to Cactusville, one of the most adventurous towns in the Southwest! Cactusville is a mining town tucked away in the desert where the sun is always shining, the skies are bright blue, and the peaks of the surrounding mountains look like broken spurs. Yee-haw!

Kids will experience a rip roarin’ good time while learning that they are called by God. They are called to be unconditionally loved and accepted, whoever they are. God’s calling includes a revelation of His unique purpose for each and every child. Each day your Buckaroos and Li’l Cowpokes will discover a special way in which God has called them. They will learn how they can accept and live out this calling while enjoying Bible treasure-huntin’ Cactusville adventures!

Kit Includes

Station Guides

  • Round Up – Opening & Closing Programs
  • Campfire Stories – Bible Story Station
  • Sunset Canyon – Prayer Station
  • Trading Post – Craft Station
  • Wild Horse Corral – Game Station
  • Chuckwagon Snacks – Snack Station

Additional Resources

  • Music CD/DVD
  • Round Up DVD
  • Director’s Guide
  • Wrangler Guide
  • Posters
  • Promotional Materials
  • Sample Cactusville Critters

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