Responsibilities in the Local Church (English CD Only)

Responsibilities in the Local Church (English CD Only)

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What are the responsibilities of an elder? What do children's ministries coordinators do? Or stewardship leaders? How much time will this ministry take? Where can I get training?

Responsibilities in the Local Church is a collection of two-page ministry descriptions outlining the responsibilities of 54 separate local church officers. All the various offices and assignments in an Adventist congregation are included.

These ministry descriptions can be photocopied as a two-page sheet-- front and back. Use them as information sheets for recruiting volunteers and working with the nominating committee. Hand out a ministry description sheet with each new assignment.

The 2002 edition includes new descriptions for Children's Church Leader, Church Board Member, Men's Ministry Leader and Vacation Bible School Director. All descriptions include Biblical principles on which that ministry is based; specific materials recommended and used by ministry leaders in North America.

Spiritual. Practical. Informative. This "time-saver" volume belongs in every congregation!

Includes CD with PDF and text files for PC and Macintosh.

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