Family-to-Family Family Guide

Family-to-Family Family Guide

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Family-to-Family is an initiative of the Department of Family Ministries of the Seventh-day Adventist Church that seeks to involve entire families in the mission of sharing the gospel with their neighbors, relatives and friends. Although often intimidating to many who have never engaged in this kind of work, Family-to-Family is the kind of resource that when employed by local churches and families will help make the apparently difficult simple.

Family-to-Family is a one-year church plan to make the family the center of all evangelistic work. It guides all the families in the church to witness to their neighbors as a family. It fosters a harmonious work between the departments of the church and the family units of the church to reach out to families in the community.

The Family Guide is a smaller booklet used by each family in your church to prepare for being a powerful witness in the community. It contains the basic steps to spiritually prepare each family to share Christ with another family. Ideally, every family in your church should have their own booklet.

Paperback. Copyright 2013. 63 pages.

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