Keeping the Faith DVD-Infertility/Purity

Keeping the Faith DVD-Infertility/Purity

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The focus of Keeping the Faith is to enlighten, inspire, and empower women to keep their faith. It is hosted by Andrea Judd, Connie Vandeman Jeffery, Dr. Diana Pastora Broomfield, and Gale Jones Murphy. This program originally aired on the Hope Channel. Each DVD includes two 30-minute episodes.

In Infertility medical expert Dr. Diana Broomfield, editor of Fertility Today, talks about infertility and the alarming statistics surrounding women of reproductive age. She interviews Merrilee Kaszacs and her husband George about their painful journey through infertility. We meet their happy ending – IVF twins Garrett and Melia.

In Purity we learn that the United States has the highest rate of teen pregnancy of any industrialized country. Guest Irmgart Mitchell, a mother and physical therapist, talks about teaching our kids about purity. Young people Garrison Lysik and Ashley Peterson talk about their own commitments to remain sexually pure until marriage.

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