Keeping the Faith DVD-Mentoring Women/Depression

Keeping the Faith DVD-Mentoring Women/Depression

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The focus of Keeping the Faith is to enlighten, inspire, and empower women to keep their faith. It is hosted by Andrea Judd, Connie Vandeman Jeffery, Dr. Diana Pastora Broomfield, and Gale Jones Murphy. This program originally aired on the Hope Channel. Each DVD includes two 30-minute episodes.

In Mentoring Women popular author and speaker Thelma Wells tells of her experience in mentoring women. She uses the BEES motif to explain how women can be assured of God’s personal direction and intervention in their lives.

In Depression the hosts discuss their personal experience with depression. Guest Kay Yerkovich, a licensed marriage and family therapist from Southern California, talks about her own journey through depression. Her husband Milan Yerkovich discusses his own battle with a different form of depression and solutions to this growing problem among women and men.

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