This kit includes:

Teacher’s Guide. 70-page, spiral bound, color manual with North American Division standards.

Positive, upbeat lessons share the incredible love of God with students as demonstrated in the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. Lessons integrate the Bible with best practices of a balanced literacy program including shared and guided reading, shared and guided writing, listening, and literacy rotations. Includes engaging audio stories and instructions for students to create their own watercolor books.

Contains ten lesson plans covering 2-4 weeks of instruction for an integrated block of whole group instruction in Bible, art, and reading, along with ten days of recommended literacy centers to accompany a small group guided reading program.

Three Angels Poster. 11” x 17” poster for mounting on the wall. Contains broad-based, developmentally-appropriate, simplified statements of the three angels’ messages for young children.

Three Angels in the Sky. 16-page children’s book, beautifully illustrated with original watercolors.

God Makes a Plan. 42-page children’s book, beautifully illustrated with realistic artwork including several oil paintings by noted artist Nathan Greene.

Three Angels for Me. 12-page booklet on cardstock to be personalized with student-created watercolor illustrations of the three angels’ messages.

Vocabulary and Contraction Cards. 11 cardstock sheets containing 61 cards to be cut and assembled into decks.

Packet of Watercolor squares. 10 7” x 7” watercolor squares.

Flash Drive. Contains complete teacher’s guide; 10 slide presentations in Keynote and PowerPoint format including 9 audio stories; vocabulary and contraction cards; and templates for student-created booklets, Three Angels for Me.

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