Grades 9-12 Teachers Kit- Second Ang

Grades 9-12 Teachers Kit- Second Ang

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Teacher’s Guide.  55-page, spiral bound, color manual with North American Division standards for integrated unit in Bible, language arts, and government. The second angel’s proclamation of the fall of Babylon and the coercion to “share the wine of her intense impurity and sin” is viewed in light of the battle over religious liberty in America today. Current court cases are examined which threaten to remove the freedom to act according to Christian convictions and a moral compass. Students are invited to formulate fresh Christian insights as they study cases involving public displays of religious symbols, weddings for same-sex couples, and the rights of Christian institutions to require workers to uphold their values. 

Unit contains seven highly interactive lessons with step-by-step procedures, open-ended conversation starters, informational teaching points and relevant class applications. An additional three lessons are allocated for student preparation and presentation of court cases involving religious liberty. Rubrics included. Lessons intended for block scheduling but may be divided to extend the unit over a longer timeframe.

Flash Drive. Contains complete teacher’s guide with student readings, mid-term quiz, and rubric for final presentation; six slide presentations in Keynote and PowerPoint format including video clips for instruction.

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