Heaven's Depot

Ever wonder why Home Depot is popular? It's pretty easy to figure out. Number one, we all live in houses that eventually need what Home Depot sells, and number two, Home Depot has a great mission statement.

Home Depot Mission Statement

Home Depot is in the home improvement business and our goal is to provide the highest level of service, the broadest selection of products and the most competitive prices. We are a values-driven company and our eight core values include the following:

Excellent customer service
Taking care of our people
Giving back
Doing the "right" thing
Creating shareholder value
Respect for all people
Entrepreneurial spirit
Building strong relationships

With a network of over 900 stores nationwide, Home Depot is positioned to meet people’s home improvement needs.

When Churches Mean Business

Ever wonder why some churches are more effective than others? It has a lot to do with their intentional mission. An effective church understands that their number one mission is to "sell" the benefits of knowing and following Jesus Christ. This is more than just having "right theology."

Churches begin to fulfill their mission when their leaders actively mentor their members and leaders to respect and love people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Knowing how to serve and deliver the gospel requires being able to treat people (members, guests and strangers alike) with dignity and grace.

Effective churches see themselves as Heaven’s Depot because:

(1) Eventually everybody needs what they have to offer (hope, forgiveness and healing).

(2) They find ways to make God look good. Unfortunately, a lot of churches make Him look bad.

(3) They have dynamic goals that inspire service and celebration.

(4) They’re not afraid to sacrifice traditional preferences and cultural comforts for the ultimate goal of winning people to Jesus.

(5) They're committed to equipping their leaders with tools to get the job done. Quality tools in the hands of surrendered hearts build lives for eternity.

With a vast network of members worldwide, Seventh-day Adventist churches are positioned to nurture people and point them to the Master Craftsman.

Click here for ideas on how to make your church more people-friendly.

Rich DuBose is Director of Church Support Services for the Pacific Union Conference and a producer of Christian web content.

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