Set Up Your Event

Are you short staffed?

Is your budget tighter than ever?

Do you want to hold a training event for the ministry leaders in your conference or union but just can’t see how you can make it work?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, AdventSource’s event registration service is the solution for you.

Our user-friendly registration process allows for individuals who want to attend your event to easily register online or by phone. Plus we will gather the crucial information that you, as the event coordinator, need to make informed decisions. Here is a quick look at what we offer:

  • Customized event page with all the information an attendee needs to make the decision to register to attend your event.
  • Customized event registration form where we gather all the information you need to make good management decisions. In addition to name and contact information, you can also gather seminar selections, t-shirt sizes, meal preferences—whatever you need for your event.
  • Track event registrations in real time. Just log in to your account and download a current roster.
  • Registration information and forms are optimized for mobile use so people can quickly register from a phone, tablet or computer.
  • Our email system allows you to communicate with people who register before your event starts and after the event is completed.
  • Registrants can call and register for your events. Our ministry consultants speak English and Spanish.


Benefits of Using Our Services

Your Customized Events Page

Registration Information

Collection and Accounting of Registration Fees

Event Page Set-up Fees and Cancellation Policy


In order to set up your event page, please download and complete the fillable PDF form and return it to If you have questions or need additional information, please email or call Heather at 402.486.8831.

Event registration is only one of the meeting planning services provided by AdventSource. For a complete list contact  


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