Antelopes Honor Requirements

Antelopes Honor Requirements



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1. Give the general characteristics of antelopes.
2. Give three size-groups of these animals, with two examples of each
3. Be able to identify at least 15 different antelopes.
4. What do they eat? How do they digest their food?
5. Name three ways in which one benefits from having these animals in the country where one lives.
6. What are ìfalse hoofs?î Which members of this family do not have them?
7. Which antelopes are classed as rare South African animals now? Where can they be seen, outside of the zoo and the museum?
8. What natural enemies do the antelopes have? How do antelopes protect themselvesand their young?
9. Which is:

  1. The largest antelope?
  2. The swiftest runner?
  3. A good fighter?
  4. A good jumper?
  5. Chiefly nocturnal?
  6. Called ìthe African Chamois?
  7. The national animal of the Union of South Africa?

10. Say which antelope you like to watch most. Tell five of its habits.

Antelopes, Advanced

1. Give the order, and the scientific name of the family, to which the antelope belong.
2. Give the distinguishing characteristics of the different sub-families, with examples of each.
3. Which large antelope differs from most of the others in appearance? What are some of its peculiar habits?
4. What is the function of musk glands in the antelopes? Where are these glands situ-ated on the gregarious types? On the solitary types?
5. Which species could you expect to find in:

  1. Bush, or reed beds, near water?
  2. Aridregions?
  3. Open plains?
  4. Scrub and forest areas?
  5. The vicinity of rocky kopjes, or on hillsides?

6. Describe the horns, in both sexes of each species, of 15 different antelopes. What is the structure of these horns? Are there any deer in South Africa? What is the structure of their horns?
7. Name at least 20 species of antelope that you have observed and can identify out-of-doors, not more than 5 of which are in captivity.
8. What is a gazelle? Where would you find this animal?
9. Name some diseases associated with wild bovies. How are they transmitted? Of what economic importance are they to man?
10. Know the game laws of your province.

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