Cooperation Award Requirements

Cooperation Award Requirements



Download the requirements for the cooperation award by clicking on the download link above.

Level: Multi Level
Category: Spiritual
Section: My World


1. Read and discuss Acts 4:32-37 and Exodus 35:20-29; 36:2-7.
2. What is cooperation?
3. Why is cooperation important in your family, school, and church?
4. Role play a Bible story about cooperation.
5. Sing a cooperation song.
6. Play a cooperative game.
7. Make a cooperative craft with your group.

1. Also Nehemiah 4.
2. Willingness to work together; give and take. Learning to cooperate is when a person thinks about and balances their own needs and wants with another person’s needs and wants. Some people think that cooperation means a child does what the adult wants. That’s not the case. True cooperation is a give and take between people that ends up with something they both agree on. Cooperation is a skill that must be learned.
3. Discuss how to improve your cooperation.
4. Encourage cooperation while choosing the story.
5. Such as: “Cooperation” by Kings Heralds; “Cooperation Hop” by Sandi Patti
6. Such as: “Lead Me” game, wheel barrow race, puzzle, or human maze.
7. Everyone participates in a group craft

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