Fitness Fun Award Requirements

Fitness Fun Award Requirements



Download the requirements for the fitness fun award by clicking on the download link above.

Level: Sunbeam (2nd grade)
Category: Recreation
Section: My Self

Fitness Fun

1. Read and discuss Jeremiah 29:11.
2. List at least four things that contribute to physical fitness.
3. Do three different stretches. Hold each for a minimum of 15 seconds.

  1. Leg
  2. Back
  3. Arms and shoulders

4. Do four of the following:

  1. Run, jog, or walk one-half mile
  2. Skip
  3. Jump rope for three minutes
  4. Jumping jacks—do at least 15
  5. Hop on one leg at least five times—see how many you can do
  6. Sit-ups
  7. Exercise of your choice

5. Participate in two of the following:

  1. Obstacle course
  2. Leap frog
  3. Relay race

6. Participate in an organized game that requires physical exercise.

1. Apply verse to fitness.
2. Fitness means proper nutrition, rest, water, exercise, strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and endurance.
3. When stretching, use static stretches (hold stretch for 15 seconds without bouncing). Do stretches both before exercise to avoid injury and after when muscles are warmed up to help cool down to avoid strains.
4. Encourage all children to do their best without competing with each other.
5. Set up an obstacle course so children can run around, under, over, and through objects such as tires, cardboard boxes, pylons, ropes, and poles.
6. Such as soccer; basketball; kickball; Let’s Move Day (Adventists InStep for Life); or Duck, Duck, Goose. Visit for more information.

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