How we choose to manage our resources and finances as Christians is a personal topic. As we discuss this topic, please understand a very simple rule. No participant is obligated at any time to reveal any personal details about their finances, income, or giving patterns. We are accountable to God for our choices in managing our money. This presentation is about the “why’s” of giving more than the “what’s.” We will take a close look at offerings. Separate from tithe, offerings provide ministries with resources to accomplish their mission. There are a variety of choices in supporting these ministries at every level. We will review methods and plans for giving to support the church and then encourage you to choose a giving plan that fits your preferences. We begin by defining a key word: What is Stewardship? The Seventh-day Adventist Church Stewardship Department website provides this definition: “Stewardship is the life- style of one who has a living relationship with Jesus Christ, accepts His lordship and walks in partnership with God, and acts as His agent to manage His affairs on earth.”

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