Adventist Church in Wales, Welsh Mission

Seventh-day Adventist church headquarters for Wales in the United Kingdom.


Téléphone: +44(1923)672.251

Adventist Church Official News Web Site

ANN World News Bulletin is a review of news and information issued by the Communication department from the Seventh-day Adventist Church World Headquarters and released as part of the service of Adventist News Network.


Téléphone: 301.680.6110

Adventist Colleges Abroad

6-week summer language programs for academy and college students in Austria, Brazil, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and Ukraine. Academic year language and culture programs for college students in Argentina, Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.


Téléphone: 301.680.6444

Adventist Colleges and Universities

Receive information from the Adventist college or university of your choice. Fourteen schools with nearly 500 majors featured on this site.


Téléphone: 402.486.2600

Adventist Community Services of Greater Washington

ACSGW offers a plethora of services ranging from emergency assistance, education, workforce development, medical services and dental services with a solid case management component.


Téléphone: 301.585.6556

Adventist Community Services, ACS

Adventist Community Services is a humanitarian organization for the Seventh-day Adventist Church that works within the United States and Bermuda. ACS meets people's needs through social services such as Disaster Response, Mentoring & Tutoring, Inner


Téléphone: 301.680.6438

Adventist Contact

Successful computer dating exclusively for Seventh-day Adventist's since 1974.


Téléphone: 301.589.4440

Adventist Directory

Search for up to date information on Adventist churches, schools, hospitals, book stores, libraries, universities, divisions, unions, conferences, missions, ADRA, orphanages, radio stations.


Téléphone: 301.680.5021

Adventist Distinctive Messages

Dr. Treiyer is presently the pastor of a few church groups in eastern North Carolina. He continues to give seminars for pastors as well as evangelistic seminars wherever he is invited. His ability to fluently preach in English, Spanish, and French ha


Téléphone: 919.580.0714

Adventist EDGE

Southern Union Education website.


Téléphone: 404.299.1832

Adventist Education

North American Division (Bermuda, Canada and USA) Education site with links to K-12 Schools/Offices; Colleges/Universities; Curriculum; Employment; Resources; News/Stats and much more.


Téléphone: 301.680.6440

Adventist Family Ministries-GC

The basic target areas of the General Conference Family Ministries Department are premarital guidance, strengthening marriage and parent education, with attention also to extended families, single parenting, step-family needs, and singles.


Téléphone: 301.680.6175

Adventist Frontier Missions

We are a Seventh-day Adventist Christian lay ministry dedicated to establishing church-planting movements among people groups with no Adventist presence.


Téléphone: 800.937.4236

Adventist Health

This healthcare system has regional delivery networks in four Western states: California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.


Téléphone: 916.781.2000

Adventist Health Study

All Adventists aged 35 years or older are encouraged to join. (Canadians and African American/Blacks aged 30 years or older). There is no upper age limit.


Téléphone: 800.247.1699

Adventist Health System

In addition to hospitals and nursing homes, Adventist Health System operates urgent care centers, home health entities, and other medical services.


Téléphone: 407.647.4400

Adventist Healthcare

A non-profit network of health care including hospitals, home health agencies, nursing center and other health care services, employing more than 5,200 people, treating more than 100,000 patients each year among its various entities and services.


Téléphone: 301.315.3030

Adventist Healthy Lifestyle Series

Health series classes 9-10 weeks each three/yr Classes done by health professionals and church pastors. Target audience; community people interested in their personal health and health issues.


Téléphone: 509.575.4466

Adventist Intl Institute of Advanced Studies

A Seventh-day Adventist Christian Institution of Graduate Education located in the Philippines.


Téléphone: +63(46)414.4300

Adventist Jamaicans Abroad

This ministry includes volunteer development and relief work by our overseas members, in cooperation with the leadership of the local Seventh-day Adventist conferences and churches.


Téléphone: 910.474.3566

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