The Everlasting Gospel in Genesis

The Everlasting Gospel in Genesis

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Sometimes you need to start from the beginning…

The gracious character of God is revealed in His dealings with fallen man whom He covenants to deliver and restore through the Promised Seed.

In Genesis, we see God beginning the work of redemption (saving man) via the covenants.

Re-explore this powerful book of beginnings. Go far beyond the stories and see their prophetic link to Jesus and yourself; see things you’ve never seen before. This is an advanced study!

Seekers and those new to faith will find their questions answered and will develop greater spiritual maturity. Advanced learners will also mature spiritually as they mine the treasures of truth and discover the many connections this book has to all books and teachings in the Bible. This workbook was made for you!

Great for individuals, small groups, and congregations.

About the Author

Esther Green is a former secondary and post-secondary educator. She is a full-time missionary, preacher, speaker, teacher, consultant, and a Bible instructor who loves the Lord.

Paperback. Copyright 2020. Size: 8.5 x 11.

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