Adventist Congregations Today CD

Adventist Congregations Today CD

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Monte Sahlin, called the Adventist George Barna, has once again discovered the insightful attitudes, trends, and opinions of today's church members. The findings from research done with 41 faith groups (including Adventists) are included in the e-book on this CD. Short on narrative, Adventist Congregations Today is filled with graphs, charts, and tables that speak volumes by themselves. All that's left is for your church leaders to dialogue about the implications for your congregation.

Surprising new evidence is revealed regarding the core ingredients of healthy churches. Some of your hunches will be confirmed when you read about the demographic shifts in existing congregations – some shifts are actually seismic tremors. Not only will pastors and elders benefit from reading this book; so will people involved in adult and children's ministry as they do outreach, nurture, and leadership training.

You'll be intrigued to read:

  • Who goes to church and who doesn't
  • What ministry approaches work today and what don't
  • What does it mean to be an Adventist today?
  • Is the Adventist church bringing people closer to God?
  • And much more

CD contents:

  • Adventist Congregations Today book
  • Handouts
  • Graphs
  • PowerPoint slides

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