The Twenty-First Century Deacon and Deaconess

The Twenty-First Century Deacon and Deaconess

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This remarkable book unveils the sacred biblical model for the ministry of deacons and deaconesses with modern day implications. It “reaches while maintaining balance, as it views the landscape of this powerful ministry that is designed to assist in the process of congregational nurture and growth” (J. Alfred Johnson II). It is a must-have for every deacon, deaconess, elder, pastor, church administrator, theology teacher and student, church officer, and church member.

This book outlines:

  • Practical training techniques for deacons and deaconesses
  • Their qualifications and responsibilities
  • Historical references of their ministry from the first century Christian church until now
  • The systemic cause and underlying factors that explain their under-utilization
  • Recommendations to change the status quo and develop a ministry that reflects the biblical model

Paperback. Copyright 2011. 226 pages.

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