The First thing Every Leader Should Do

The First thing Every Leader Should Do

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Adapted from his popular leadership blog series, Dr. Jesse Wilson addresses the most difficult and complex of all leadership-church leadership. In this age of complexity, it has never been more challenging to lead a Christian organization or live a Christian life. This book provides practical tools from one of the leading voices in Christian leadership today.

Out of his broad experience as pastor, evangelist, conference administrator, and university professor, Dr. Wilson brings a fresh perspective to age old leadership challenges.

With a quick wit and easy style, Dr. Wilson tackles topics such as:

  • 3 Words That Could Cripple The Race Crisis
  • Cursing Christians-Can Good People Say Bad Things?
  • Camp Meetings: Here To Stay or Time To Go?
  • When Should We Close a Local Church?
  • Trick or Treat! Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?
  • Everything that Shouts Ain't Pentecostal and much, much more.

From start to finish you will be blessed with practical wisdom to make you a more effective leader at home, at work, and at church.

Paperback. Copyright 2017. 155 pages.

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