Hope for a World in Crisis DVD Set

Hope for a World in Crisis DVD Set

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Explore Bible prophecy through this powerful, Christ-centered series that will help viewers discover hope for the last days. This dynamic, crystal clear seminar will unravel the prophecies of the Bible in a simple, easy to understand way. These multi-media presentations are designed for people of all faiths, as well as those not associated with any religion. It is designed for busy people, so come as you are: business suit, dress, or jeans. In the midst of a chaotic world and troubled economy, Pastor David invites you to come and be encouraged.

This series includes 24 sermons on the following topics:

  • Discover the Prophecy That Changed World History
  • Discover the Prophetic Signs of the Times
  • Discover What Happens in Earth’s Last Hour
  • Discover Revelation’s 1000 Years of Peace
  • Discover Revelation’s Great Controversy
  • Discover the 70 Weeks Prophecy of Daniel
  • Discover If the World is Running Out of Time
  • Discover the Law Antichrist Hates
  • Discover the Naked Truth Part 1
  • Discover the Naked Truth Part 2
  • Discover Revelation’s Seven Seals
  • Discover Revelation’s Keys of Death
  • Discover Revelation’s Antichrist
  • Discover How to Be Buried and Forgotten by God
  • Discover the Mark of the Beast/America in Prophecy
  • Discover How to Prosper and Be in Health
  • Discover Revelation’s Remnant
  • Discover Why So Many Denominations
  • Discover Revelation’s Hell Fire
  • Discover Revelation’s Spirit of Prophecy
  • Discover the Unpardonable Sin
  • Discover Revelation’s Saints: A Peculiar People
  • Discover Revelation’s New Heavens and New Earth
  • At All Cost – Marquita Klinedinst’s Personal Testimony

About the Speaker

Pastor David Klinedinst is an ordained minister and seminar speaker in the St Louis area. He has spoken in various places throughout the United States, as well as Africa, Australia, Europe, the Philippines, and the Caribbean. His passionate style of speaking has blessed both Caucasian and African-American audiences as well as multi-cultural congregations and made the complex prophecies of Daniel and Revelation clear and simple.

Includes 24 DVDs. Each DVD includes a sermon that is approximately one hour in length.

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