God's Mission to the Nations

God's Mission to the Nations

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Scripture records a number of instances in which a follower of the true God interacts with a person or people from the “nations” outside of Israel. These can be termed interreligious encounters and they contain many insights on how God has worked in mission in the past. They also contain many principles that if understood can be applied in the present world of many religions.

This book specifically looks at narratives such as Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, Elisha with Naaman, and many more to gain insights into how God has done mission in order to learn ways of doing mission in the present—especially in the Hindu context.

God is working among Hindus; the fields are ripe both in India and in the diaspora populations. There are people building real, genuine relationships with Hindus, engaging them in meaningful ways that are impacting their lives and drawing them to Jesus. God is using His power to influence and draw Hindus into a better understanding of who He is. This book can help increase our knowledge of how God desires to partner with you in His mission to Hindus.

Paperback. Copyright 2015. 96 pages.

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