Preaching Christ-Centered Evangelistic Meetings

Preaching Christ-Centered Evangelistic Meetings

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How can you bring Christ out in every message you preach? How can you preach our doctrines in a rational way that points people to a sin-pardoning Savior?

Pastor Klinedinst shares from his personal experience as a pastor/evangelist the importance of focusing on Christ as we share each of the subjects typically covered in public evangelistic campaigns including:

  • The Last Days
  • God's Law
  • 70 Weeks
  • Sabbath
  • Hell
  • Prophetic Signs
  • State of the Dead
  • Baptism
  • Mark of the Beast

These subjects and many more are covered but this is by no means an exhaustive or perfect list. It is simply a starting point for making sure that we focus people on Jesus in every message.

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