The Great Controversy (Sold in Cases of 48)

The Great Controversy (Sold in Cases of 48)

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In today’s world of chaos, uncertainty fills the hearts of millions. Perhaps you, too, have tried to make sense of global pandemics, natural disasters, political upheaval, and moral degradation. Or maybe your concerns are more personal, as addiction, divorce, sickness, or family tragedies have brought you to life’s most important questions: Does God really exist? What does the future hold? How can I experience personal peace?

Readers of The Great Controversy have found the answers to these questions. The Great Controversy pulls aside the veil and exposes the battle between good and evil behind the scenes of this world’s turmoil. Millions have found hope within its pages as they have caught a glimpse of a future filled with peace and certainty. If you find yourself seeking answers to life’s deepest questions, The Great Controversy is for you.

Paperback. 507 pages.

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