Jacob's Trouble: Hope for Hurting People

Jacob's Trouble: Hope for Hurting People

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Have you ever wondered why there is so much pain and suffering in the world today? And have you ever found an answer?

Jacob’s Trouble: Hope for Hurting People uses the story of Jacob and his family to address challenges faced by modern-day families. From sibling rivalry to family conflicts, from childhood wounds to adult suffering, from favoritism to ostracism, from deception to rejection, from loneliness to isolation, and from hurt to hope, Jacob’s Trouble chronicles different causes of unhappiness and prescribes practical solutions for hurting people.

This book also features tools to help people who are hurting find hope and practical steps to improve their future. It includes exercises for dealing with positive and negative feelings, ignoring negative messages and embracing positive messages, building good self-worth, and more.

It is not enough to understand the causative factors of pain and suffering; it is not enough to read about methodological procedures for alleviating problems. What is more important is an implementation of these strategies and methods for reducing the hurt accumulated throughout your lifetime.

If you would like to draw upon biblical wisdom and modern psychology to learn how to take practical steps to becoming stronger and more fulfilled, check out Jacob’s Trouble.

Paperback. Copyright 2012. 110 pages.

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