Reaching Families for Jesus:Making D

Reaching Families for Jesus:Making D

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Making Disciples is for pastors and ministry leaders in their work with families in and out of the church. We hope the resources found in this volume will help develop healthier families, which invariably result in healthier churches that can reach the world with power and joy to help hasten the coming of Jesus Christ. 


  • Hope for Today’s Families
  • Sometimes it Hurts When You Are a Mother
  • Self-Acceptance in Christ
  • Rivers in the Desert

Children’s Stories

  • In My Father’s House
  • Compassion in Cuba

The Talking Saw


  • Marriage: A Divine Design
  • Disciple-Making Parenting: Helping Our Children Develop a Moral Compass
  • Parenting Adolescents in Today’s World
  • Keeping Homes Abuse-Free

Leadership Resources

  • Marriage Counseling
  • Balancing Marriage, Motherhood and Ministry
  • Family Camp: Outreach and Reclaiming
  • Molding Your Child’s Development, Part 1: The Forces that Shape the Worldview of Your Child
  • Social Media: Blessing or Curse!
  • What Do You Want Me to Do for You? Jesus’ Blueprint of Generosity
  • Mission to the Cities Prayer Map

And more!

  • Articles and Family Ministries Implementation Materials

Paperback. Copyright 2019.

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