Solo Dad

Solo Dad

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There are many circumstances that may have led you to becoming a solo dad. The obstacles in your path may seem relentless, unavoidable, and insurmountable. And there can be stigma that comes with being a single dad. In Solo Dad you will find biblical direction and practical advice on how to deal with the challenges you may be facing.

In this book you will find chapters on:

  • Overcoming Stigma and Judgement
  • Juggling Chainsaws
  • Preventing an Unwinnable War
  • Making Jesus Your Child’s Best Friend
  • Money Matters
  • Making Memories with Your Child
  • And more!

Solo dad, you are enough! If you trust Jesus to walk this parenting journey with you, then you will slay the giants that come to you in the role of judge, jury, and prosecuting attorney. Jesus looks at you through the eyes of love— no judgement, no stigma, no accusations, only love!

Paperback. Copyright 2020.

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