Relationships Where Love is in Place - Family Ministries Planbook

Relationships Where Love is in Place - Family Ministries Planbook

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How do churches help build relationships with love in place? This planbook was created to assist pastors and church leaders in creating an intentional plan to help the members of their churches develop loving relationships. From sermons and children’s stories to articles and book reviews you will find an abundance of resources available in this planbook. Here is a short list of what you will find:


  • Loving the Person Next to You
  • Conspiracy of Love
  • The Goodness of God


  • Community: Key to Intimacy
  • Rearing Disciples Who Love
  • God’s Love with Us


  • Searching for Love and Intimacy in Marriage
  • Helping Couples to Connect Emotionally
  • Tell It to Your Children

Edyta Jankiewiez says in her Communication: The Key to Intimacy seminar, “It is only as we risk being fully known that we can be fully loved and accepted.” Relationships Where Love is in Place will assist your church in growing as a loving community of faith.

Paperback. Released in 2008 as the Family Ministries Planbook.

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