Eight Weeks to Wellness - Coordinator's Guide

Eight Weeks to Wellness - Coordinator's Guide

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Eight Weeks to Wellness is an up-to-date, ready-to-use, common sense health outreach package that promotes positive lifestyle behaviors. Success follows daily participation in the program, not merely listening during eight weekly 60-90 minute sessions. Includes a CD with PowerPoint presentations for each session. Participants record daily progress and review weekly topics in a 40-page participant guide sold separately. Suitable for use in churches, homes, and other community locations.

Eight Weeks to Wellness combines the latest evidence-based health research and tested behavior change principles to encourage participants to experience a healthier lifestyle. Research from world-renowned journals and guidelines from the National Institutes of Health are referenced on each slide as appropriate. Promotional and resource materials are included. Over 350 visuals can also be used in single presentations or in 5-15 minute Health Nuggets.

Weekly topics:

  • Developing a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Becoming More Physically Active
  • Choosing Healthy Fats
  • Choosing Healthy Carbohydrates
  • Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  • Enhancing Mind-Body Connections
  • Coping with Stress
  • Getting Appropriate Health Checks

Instructor’s manual includes:

  • Suggestions for implementing the program and samples of CD materials
  • An overview of and a comprehensive plan for each week’s session
  • Speaker notes for each graphic in each presentation
  • CD-ROM with eight PowerPoint presentations, promotional materials, resource materials, handouts, and certificates of completion

3-ring binder with CD. Copyright 1998, updated 2011.

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