Vegan Delectable: Volume 1

Vegan Delectable: Volume 1

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Vegan Caribbean-American Recipes You Will Enjoy!  

Vegan Delectable Volume I brings you 100 recipes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, desserts, and beverages in a delectable array of vegan options that will appeal to vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores alike. This is a Guyanese-American marriage of exotic, alluring dishes for everyone! Recipe offerings include stews, proteins, complete meals, rice options, biscuits, and more. Simple instructions accompany each recipe that even a novice can easily follow. Fresh and wholesome nuts, fruits, grains, and vegetables are utilized for the authentic taste of each recipe. 

So, grab a copy and let’s cook! 

About the Author

I became a vegan sixteen years ago and realized that vegans need delectable foods that are easy to prepare at home with fresh organic produce from neighborhood supermarkets. Hence my recipes offer variety and delectable dining experiences family, friends, and guests cherish! Thanks to my parents who were awesome cooks, whom I observed as a child as they cooked in our Guyanese kitchen to grasp the fundamentals of cooking. American cuisines were added to celebrate my appreciation for my American culture. I have also been enlightened about healthy and holistic living through biblical and Seventh-day Adventist principles.

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