WIN!  Homes of Hope and Health DuoPack

WIN! Homes of Hope and Health DuoPack

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Homes of Hope & Health features 1,291 slides. The first DVD contains PowerPoint computer files with speaker scripts and option for next slides and time elapsed on the presenter’s screen but not on the audience screen, complete scripts in Microsoft Word .doc files, and the book Training of Trainers Manual.

The second DVD contains the same graphics but they are in PDF format to use on a DVD player.

Both the disks are parallel to the 2012 edition of three WIN! Wellness printed books: Getting Started On the Path to Health and Healing, Pressing Forward, and Finishing Strong.

Homes of Hope & Health is ideal for use in small groups, in public seminars and evangelistic meetings. The goal is to help people LIVE—live longer, healthier, happier, and holier.

Copyright 2012, 2013. Includes two DVDs.

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