The Worship Experiment

The Worship Experiment

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Kelley Lorencin writes, "I grew up in a church with traditional worship. Something was missing. Then, I went to a church with blended worship. Still, something was missing. And finally, I found a church with contemporary worship in the open, free-to-explore environment I had always dreamed of. And once again, something was missing! The only conclusion I could come to was that the problem was within me. What's wrong with me, I wondered. Maybe I can't worship because I'm spiritually dead."

Following this revelation, author and church musician Lorencin waited four years before she discovered that the common denominator in her unfulfilling worship experiences was something other than her. She learned that the secret to the soul-satisfying, heart-fulfilling worship is simple, but it doesn't have a thing to do with worship styles. Whether you're a pastor or a church member who has longed for "something more," you owe it to yourself to read this book!

Paperback. Copyright 2010. 89 pages.

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