Christ's Way to Spiritual Growth

Christ's Way to Spiritual Growth

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Spiritual growth, or spirituality, is a topic that is in vogue today, and it has captured the interest of people everywhere. Even those not associated with any religion have become interested in some form of spirituality.

Unfortunately, to many people, spirituality is connected with Eastern mysticism, New Age ideas, and adherence to certain spiritual masters and their disciplines.

But what is true spirituality? The author, Dr. Philip Samaan, succinctly defines it as the dynamic process of becoming Christlike.

Why would we, as committed disciples of Christ, follow anyone else if our Master is our supreme Example of true spirituality? For it is beholding Him that we become changed into His image.

So, true spirituality is not based on self or human opinions, but it is Christ-centered and biblically-based. It is having the living Christ abide in our hearts and express Himself through our daily lives, so that self is not seen, only the Savior.

Paperback. Copyright 2016. 254 pages.

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