Color Your World With Natural Church Development

Color Your World With Natural Church Development

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With Natural Church Development, Christian A. Schwarz has introduced a fascinating approach to church growth that really works and has been accepted all over the world. Now he shows how the biblically-based principles of Natural Church Development can also be a blessing for the spiritual development of the individual believer. Color Your World is a powerful, graphically-written book for people who seek to live out their faith balance and passion.

Natural Church Development has become a vibrant movement with NCD National Partners in 70 countries. More than 40,000 churches have moved into the NCD process to date, and the average growth rate of those churches that have maintained a long-term commitment has increased by 51%. Millions of Christians have already discovered what Natural Church Development is all about: drawing people closer to the triune God and, as a natural side effect, seeing numerical growth within the church as a whole.

Paperback. Copyright 2005. 191 pages.

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