Fundamentals of Faith

Fundamentals of Faith

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Fundamentals of Faith is a helpful study resource providing a summary of essential Bible doctrines. It has two primary sources:

General Study

Fundamentals of Faith may be used for personal, one-on-one, or small group study. Each doctrinal point contains a list of supporting scriptural references, which may be explored with great benefit. In addition, "My Commitment" points have been inserted to guide the reader in making a personal application of the Bible truths being studied.

Preparation for Baptism or Profession of Faith

Fundamentals of Faith may also be used to lead those preparing for baptism or profession of faith through a point-by-point study. Those who have already been through Bible studies on the topics covered in Fundamentals of Faith may not need to re-study each point. Instead, they could be asked to read the booklet on their own, placing a check mark next to every point of agreement and a question mark next to any point that needs further study or clarification. The study leader can then meet with those interested in baptism or profession of faith until all questions and concerns have been addressed and they agree with doctrines and practical commitments outlined.

Paperback booklet. Pacific Press Publishing Association. Copyright 2018. 46 pages. 


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