Prison Ministries Training Curriculum

Prison Ministries Training Curriculum

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This series is for people interested in learning more about prison ministry. Learn how to witness to those in prison, and what is required in order to volunteer as a chaplain.

Titles include:

  • Introduction to Inmate Spiritual Counseling Training Curriculum
  • Spiritual Gifts: Keys to Ministry
  • Principles of Personal Christian Witness
  • Principles of Christian Leadership
  • How to Teach Basic Adventist Doctrine
  • Introduction to Volunteer Chaplaincy
  • Inmate Manipulations
  • Volunteer Policy
  • Criminal Justice Overview
  • Prison Subcultures
  • Qualifications and Selection Criteria for Chaplaincy
  • Chaplain Relations
  • Religious Pluralism
  • Inmate Worship
  • Introduction to Inmate Spiritual Counseling
  • Ministry to Women
  • Women’s Issues

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