Reinvent Your Sabbath School (Book)

Reinvent Your Sabbath School (Book)

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Is your Sabbath school missing something? What if boring became a thing of the past? What if a class became a family? What if prayer time became so exciting it usually took 25 minutes? What if people really cared for one another? What if members wrote cards--right then and there--to people they were praying for?

Chris and Yolanda Blake show--not just tell--how to start a ministry-driven Sabbath school class with real-time blow-by-blow sound bites from their functioning class. They discuss dozens of practical ideas, list the pitfalls to avoid, and offer guides to the available denominational resources.

By making five ministries the heartbeat of your church, you can transform your Sabbath school into the most delightful hour of the week. This 79-page book tells you how.

Paperback. 79 pages. Copyright 2001.

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