Sabbath School Handbook (Spanish)

Sabbath School Handbook (Spanish)

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The Sabbath school is the most important group in the life of every Adventist congregation. Children's Sabbath school provides a complete religious educational experience that is age appropriate and focused on leading each child into a relationship with Jesus. Adults study the Bible, find encouragement to live out Bible principles in their jobs and families, get acquainted with others in the church, develop a sense of belonging, and care for one another in Christ's name.

How can your church develop Sabbath school into a highly personal, interactive experience?

The Sabbath School Handbook outlines and explains the structures that support this important ministry. How was Sabbath school introduced to the Seventh-day Adventist Church? What are the mission and vision of the Sabbath school? How should local church Sabbath schools be organized and operate? What are the ministry responsibilities of Sabbath school personnel? How should children's Sabbath school be administered?

This handbook was prepared by the General Conference Sabbath School Department and edited by the Adult Ministries and Children's Ministries Departments for application in North America. This is considered a "must-have" reference tool for Sabbath school superintendents, secretaries, division leaders and other personnel involved in Sabbath school. The Sabbath School Handbook has everything you need to support this important work.

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