Women's Ministries Evangelism Manual

Women's Ministries Evangelism Manual

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Here is the evangelistic tool you have been waiting for! The Women's Ministries Evangelism Manual is a comprehensive guide for those that want to reach others for Jesus. As you go through this material you will find there are many ways to evangelize and reach the world for Christ. These methods can vary from country to country and from urban to rural areas. You will have to find what works in your area and use that. But the principles of soul-winning are the same the world over.


  • Preparing the community
  • Preparing the church
  • One-on-one evangelism
  • Small group evangelism
  • Seminar-style evangelism
  • Planning public evangelism
  • Preparing and presenting the sermon
  • Visitation and getting decisions
  • The baptismal service
  • Discipling new believers
  • Plus evaluation forms, surveys, check lists, budgets, and resources

This manual is prepared with the hope that every woman will have the experience of leading at least one woman to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior.

Paperback. 155 pages. Copyright 1999.

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