Eager Beaver Program

Eager Beaver Program

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Welcome to the exciting world of Eager Beavers!

This guidebook is packed with resources to help you teach kindergarten-age children Christian principles and life skills, while engaging them in fun, creative play. In this step-by-step guide, you’ll find helpful answers to the questions:

  • Who are Eager Beavers?
  • Why do Eager Beavers act the way they do?
  • How should leaders prepare for success and safety?
  • What is included in the Eager Beaver program?

You’ll also discover that the 20 easy-to-plan meetings fulfill all Eager Beaver program and wood chip requirements! This guide includes record sheets, check-off cards for wood chip requirements, craft activities, and much more. You’ll also receive a CD containing PDF photocopy masters of wood chip requirements, registration forms, and directions for crafts.

Ready, set, go! The children in your church and community are ready to be Eager Beavers!

NAD Adventurer Ministries. (AdventSource). 221 pages. Copyright 2007. Spiral bound. Includes PDF masters on CD.

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