Adventurer Bible Game

Adventurer Bible Game

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The Adventurer Bible Game is a group-based Bible challenge that tests the Adventurers’ knowledge of sections of scripture. Each year a new block of scripture is assigned and excited Adventurers and their parents/caregivers commit themselves to study those passages of God’s Word.

The Adventurer Bible Game follows a rotation plan. First, the Bible selections will alternate between the Old and New Testaments. Second, the focus will be on major Bible stories and memory verses in the section. Third, they will be in a 6-year rotation of content areas.

  • Year 1—Genesis 1-25
  • Year 2—Matthew
  • Year 3—Genesis 26-50 & Ruth
  • Year 4—Luke
  • Year 5—Exodus 1-20
  • Year 6—Acts

This guide will give you all the information required to start an Adventurer Bible Game team in your club. Sections include preparation, personnel, program and event overviews, and the grading system.

The Adventurer Bible Game will help Adventurers and their families “hide the word of God” in their hearts.

Paperback. 14 pages. Copyright 2021, 2023.

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