Prayer Promises For Kids

Prayer Promises For Kids

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  • Prayer is the key that opens your heart to God.
  • Prayer is the way you stay connected to your best Friend, Jesus, all day long, because He is always there, always listening, and always ready with an answer to anything you might ask.
  • Prayer is a way to praise Jesus and say “Thank You” for all He has done for you!

Jesus has given you many promises in His Book, the Bible, and He wants you to claim those promises when you pray. You can talk to Him anytime, day or night, and He will always hear and answer you.

Maybe you have never prayed before or you want to learn a new way to pray. If so, this book will help you learn how to pray claiming Bible promises. This book includes more than 100 prayer promises to pray, claim, and believe.

Paperback. 129 pages. Copyright 2009.

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