Tales That Teach

Tales That Teach

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Tales that Teach invites young readers on a captivating journey, breathing new life into timeless stories to make them accessible and engaging.

In this mesmerizing book based on Ellen White’s Christ’s Object Lessons, children will walk alongside characters as they explore imaginative retellings of Jesus' parables, all while staying true to the core messages of the Bible. Each story becomes a doorway to such important virtues as humility, compassion, and forgiveness.

But Tales that Teach offers more than just stories. It's a tool kit for children’s spiritual growth, providing memory verses, interconnected parables, thought-provoking questions, and hands-on projects. These resources help children not only grasp the lessons but also to apply them in their daily lives.

Let Tales that Teach ignite a passion for timeless principles, inspiring the next generation to embrace wisdom and embark on a personal journey of growth.

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