Discoveries 4 Children 37 Bible Crafts

Discoveries 4 Children 37 Bible Crafts

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The 37 craft activities on this CD give teachers the flexibility they need for corresponding their children's program with just about any adult evangelistic series. Topics include: Sin, Salvation, Creation, Prophecy, Baptism, Heaven, Angels, Law of God, and many others.

These crafts can be used in many more places than just an evangelistic series. You can use them in Sabbath School, Vacation Bible School, as part of family worship, during home school classes, or for children’s programs anywhere.

Needed to create these crafts:

  • Computer, printer, and Adobe Reader
  • Scissors, glue, crayons, and other basic supplies
  • Optional: specialty items which can be obtained through various suppliers

This CD contains both English and Spanish versions of the crafts. The included instruction booklet is in English.

Contains one CD. Copyright 2009.

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