Footprints for Kids Leaders Guide w/CD (Spanish)

Footprints for Kids Leaders Guide w/CD (Spanish)

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Footprints for Kids is a unique 24-lesson small group Bible study course designed for children. It guides children to build their relationship with Jesus, share Him with their friends, and invite Him to be their Lord.

This course includes 24 lessons, step-by-step instructions, outlines, activities, discussion topics, a disk containing PDF photocopy masters for My Choice, My World and Mentoring Moments, and more. Footprints for Kids is ideal for use in Sabbath school classes or small groups.

Lessons in this course include:

  • Disciples Wanted for a Lifetime Adventure
  • Jesus: A Friend You Can Trust
  • The Gift of Jesus’ Grace
  • Spend Time Alone with God
  • Your Time, Talents and Treasure
  • Honor God with Your Choices
  • The Bible – It’s the Truth
  • Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Creation, Family and Sabbath
  • God’s Law
  • The War Between Jesus and Satan
  • Jesus – Your High Priest in Heaven
  • The Gift of Prophecy
  • God’s Faithful People
  • What Happens When People Die?
  • Follow Jesus in Baptism and Communion
  • You and Your Church Family
  • Jesus’ Second Coming and Your Future
  • Discover Jesus’ Vision for You
  • Discover Your Special Design
  • Make Friends for Jesus
  • Lead Your Friends to Jesus
  • Study the Bible with Your Friends
  • Dare to Stand for Jesus

Designed to follow Footprints for Parents and Mentors, this multi-generational interactive series assists parents in leading their children in a discipleship adventure with Jesus.

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