Connecting With Purpose

Connecting With Purpose

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“Unlock the transformative power of small groups within your church community.”

This essential guide dives deep into the dynamics that make or break small groups, offering invaluable insights and practical advice for leaders and members. Chapters include:
  • Small groups, consisting of 3 to 7 individuals, tend to encourage much higher levels of participation and authenticity. A circle of 20 people can inadvertently become a place for spectators rather than participants.
  • Understanding that conflicts, especially recurring ones, are not necessarily a sign of failure but rather an opportunity for recalibration and growth.
  • Just like in adult small groups, offering service opportunities can instill a sense of responsibility and ownership in children.
Discover how to navigate the complexities of group dynamics, foster spiritual growth, and build a thriving, inclusive community. Connecting with Purpose is your roadmap to creating an environment where every member, young and old, can deepen their faith and become more engaged in their spiritual journey.
Paperback. Copyright 2023.

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