Little Voices Praise Him Songbook

Little Voices Praise Him Songbook

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Little Voices Praise Him contains more than 300 songs for beginner and kindergarten children. This compilation features familiar Sabbath school favorites and brand-new songs that compliment the new GraceLink Sabbath school curriculum. It contains songs about prayer and praise, grace, worship, community, and service. You'll also find songs for welcome, offerings, missions, prayer responses, birthdays, closing, promotions, and other transitional segments.

You can quickly and easily find songs by using the index of titles and first lines.

Many songs are expressions of more than one theme or aspect of a growing Christian experience. The topical index cross-references the songs and provides a variety of suggestions for use (family, Jesus, nature, God's love and care, Bible verses, Bible stories, plus more than 50 additional cross-reference possibilities).

Kindergarten children will enjoy singing all of the songs in Little Voices Praise Him. An icon beside the title identifies simple songs that are especially suitable for younger singers.

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