More than Balloons

More than Balloons

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25 creative illustrations to engage children!

What do duct tape, Rice Krispies squares, and rain boots have to do with the Bible? You will find out as you explore the imagination and curious minds of kids by thinking outside the box.

Through engaging, humorous, yet simple–to–use object lessons, you can capture the attention of kids by bringing the Bible to life. These resources will come in handy when you are stressed and scrambling last minute to find a good illustration in the Bible.

Whether you are a pastor, teacher, or anyone who works with children, these lessons are simple to follow with online resources that will make a lasting impression on kids. By making learning fun and memorable, you will be giving children the foundational tools they need to live a godly life. Don’t just tell kids about Bible truths, show them.

Paperback. Copyright 2019. 64 pages.

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